Properties of Teak wood

It is not uncommon to find an outdoor piece of furniture out of Teak wood. For long, teak has been utilized for its unique characteristics, that in turn, making it a perfect choice for a large range of furniture, from marine industry, outdoor furniture, to decks and interior work.

Understanding Teak wood

So, what are the characteristics that makes Teak become such a versatile source of material that stays constantly demanded in the world of changing taste? Outstanding in its mechanical and physical properties, Teak is often considered one of the essential timbers in the world that can hardly be eclipsed by any other timbers in years to come. The wood species bears a natural golden hue that varies from light to dark brown, granting it the title of royal timber. If left untreated in outdoor environment, it will slowly change to a beautiful silvery-gray patina.

Teak wood has natural waterproofing properties due to the high oil content in its structure, and it is therefore, also making it virtually immunes to rotting, fungi and harsh chemicals. Moreover, Teak wood maintains its physical strength and density characteristic throughout the whole body, making it easy to utilize the entire tree without the concern of strength. These outstanding advantages reduce the worries of quality controll in mass production, at the same time, bring with it hugh economic benefits. Apart from the increadible durability, Teak is also immensly stable. With low shrinkage coefficient at 5.3 %, the timber can easily be manipulated without lingering concern of deformation. Furniture from Teak wood, therefore, can be expected to last from 50 to 70 years with minimal care. With proper care and the right environment, Teak wood furniture can last for even longer than 75 years. These properties make Teak wood an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom utensils in domestic application, superior in floor works and indoor furnitures, or most famously for outdoor furnitures and boat-building.

JAVABEL’s factory is located in Java, home to one of the biggest Teak plantations in the world and is famous for its outstanding timber’s diversity and quality. The access to such abundance is surely a big advantage to certify the reliability of our product’s qualities. It is, therefore, a healthy ecosystem that has no problem of proving itself. With excellent source of material, skilled craftmanship, and abundant human resource, excecuting luxurious products is now made possible, while proudly carrying the trade mark of Java’s culture.