Our company was established in 2022 as a connecting bridge between customers and exquisite Indonesian woodcrafts experience directly in the heart of Europe.

JAVABEL’s Vision

We are set to bring high quality wood-based furniture, sustainably sourced from Indonesia. Our product is promised to fulfil our customer’s distinguished desire for hand-crafted, luxury product from Southeast

JAVABEL’s Mission

Our mission is to provide not only specialized products, but also include a wholesome shopping experience. Customers will have access to online and offline stores, in which one can browse and buy our products either
comfortably from home via our interactive website or immerses in the explicite spaces of our offline store. Whatever the instrument maybe, the experience is guarateed to stay splendid in every setting that we create.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of variety of the finest, teak wood products: chairs, tables, cupboards, dresser, sofas, and accessories. These products will fit to the customer’s bedroom, dining and living room, as
well as bathroom and outdoor space, bringing a luxurous but still cozy vibe to your home.

Our Showrooms

Our shopping experience begins with our website. It offers an immersive online shopping experience, which is accessible anywhere and anytime. However, our showroom is also available to offer live product experiences, located right in the sumptuous city of Hamburg, Germany.

The Direct Delivery

Our products will be directly hand-delivered into the customer’s specific room. It concludes the Javabel’s shopping experience and ensures a hassle-free furniture placement and